Edgar Giffenig


Edgar Giffenig was a highly ranked junior in Mexico and played for the University of Texas where he completed an undergraduate degree in business and a graduate degree in excercise physiology.


 Starting as an assistant coach in his alma mater, Edgar has been coaching high performance players for the last 25 years. He was a national coach for the USA, Germany and Mexico.


He has been a speaker at many national and international coaches conventions (ITF, PTR, ITA, USTA, DTB, FMT) and is a partner in TennisGate, a player development media company.


Edgar finished ranked 5 in the world in the 55's in 2016 and directs the tennis program at the Norfolk Country Club in Connecticut. He is a member of the ITF Coaches Commission. 

Edgar Giffenig


“In my capacity as a National Coach and later the Davis  Cup Captain, I was fortunate to work very closely with Edgar in his capacity as a USTA Coach from 1990 to 1995. Edgar has a great understanding of the game of tennis and was very good at communicating with the players. His high level of energy and enthusiasm that he brought to the teaching court everyday had a very positive effect on the players and his fellow coaches as well. Edgar also is a tremendous student of the game, and never stops learning, interacting with his fellow coaches in his quest to become the best coach he can be.  

Tom Gullikson, ATP Tour Player, USA Davis Cup Captain, USA Olympic Coach, USA Director of Coaching



“Edgar Giffenig is one of the World's most experienced coaches of high performance players. He has worked as a high performance National  Coach with both the USTA and with the German Tennis Federation and during that time had considerable success in developing high level players. Edgar also worked as Technical Director for the Mexican Tennis Federation and over the past 10 years he has helped the ITF with our coaches’ education program and during that time has presented at numerous coaches conferences around the World including the ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference.”

Dave Miley,   Director of Development, International Tennis Federation.



“Edgar Giffenig, a former National Coach for the German Tennis Federation, was highly valued by all players and coaches due to his knowledge and ability as well as for his personality.  He is an extraordinary coach.”

Peter Born, National Coach German Tennis Federation.  Director of Coaches’ Education



"Mike and I traveled the world with Edgar when we were juniors, and he helped coach us to become the players we are today. The input and advice he gave us during these crucial years was invaluable. Edgar is not only a technical and strategic genius, but is incredibly hard working and dedicated to his profession. And most importantly, he is one hell of a guy and a great friend!"   

Bob Bryan, World Number 1 Doubles Player