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January 28, 2015

Timing is one of the most important technical elements in tennis.  It is the ability to take the racquet-head to the ideal contact point at precisely the right time.  For every srtoke there is an ideal contact point and missing this precise spot will usually result in...

January 20, 2015

In order to to hit an effective backhand slice there are some important technical elements that you need to be aware of:

Start with a Continental Grip.  Use the non-dominant hand to help you take the racquet back.  Use your torso to take your racquet back. Keep the racq...

January 6, 2015

In every stroke there are a few key technical elements that cannot be ignored.  Here are the technical aspects that every solid one-handed topspin backhand shares:

Eastern Backhand Grip

Footwork:  Try to step into the shot

Backswing:  Use the non-dominant hand, use the to...

January 1, 2015

Every great forehand has some common technical elements.  Here are the key elements of the modern topspin forehand.  Start with an Eastern or a Semi Western Grip; use an open or a neutral stance, take the racquet back by rotating the torso; the non dominant hand points...

December 9, 2014

A common mistake on the groundstrokes is to close your stance by stepping forwards but keeping your foot parallel to the baseline.  This position will hinder your rotation into the ball and will prevent a smooth opening of the hips.  To correct this, make sure that you...

October 25, 2014

In todays tennis, the forehand has become one of the most important shots.  More and more players are able to control the points with their forehands and therefore work hard to run around their backhnads.  This drill will help players practice their inside-out forehand...

July 21, 2014

Tracking the ball and adapting to the bounce are two very important aspects of the game. Here is an simple drill to help you improve these skills.

May 23, 2014

Being able to hit the ball hard is in important aspect of the modern game.  Since the only way to increase the speed of the ball is to increase the speed of the racquuet-head, it is important to include racquet acceleration drills in your training.  Here are three good...

May 10, 2014

Very early in my coaching career I realized that looking at groundstrokes as forehand and backhand just wasn't enough to develop high performance players.  Each incoming ball is different, each forehand and backhand are different, so the key to a successful tennis expe...

March 16, 2014

This drill is designed to help players develop feel and control and is ideal for beginner and intermediate players.

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