Walk the Talk

Tennis is a challenging game with many ups and downs, and its skills only become easy after many years of practice. Sometimes as coaches we get frustrated because we assume our students should be able to perform some skills that seem easy to us, and it is difficult for us to empathize with our struggling players.

We tend to forget very quickly how difficult it is to finish that run when everything is hurting or to push to complete the last series of pushups. Likewise, “Keep the ball in play” is a lot harder when you are the one trying to keep the ball in play.

The best way to get a reality check is to get dirty, to put it on the line. Seek opportunities to drill with your players, condition with them and find matches that will push you as a player.

It is like magic. I always feel much more empathetic after a first-class battle; nothing like a tough practice or tournament to help you regain perspective.

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