What They Don't Tell You About Competitive Tennis (The Fine Print)

Competitive tennis is a wonderful endeavor but it is not always pure fun and games. A full disclosure contract would have to include a small disclaimer to be fair to any prospective player.

The fine print of competitive tennis would look something like this:

By choosing to take part in competitive tennis you understand that you will:

  • Spend countless hours over many years working on the same skills.

  • Commit to many hours of on-court training a week.

  • Commit to training the whole year, since there is not an off-season in tennis.

  • Spend several hours a week off-court, working on improving your fitness.

  • Spend many weekends and vacations competing.

  • Lose in most of the tournaments you play.

  • Deal with many unforeseen crises, such as bad losses, injuries, large swings in performance, etc.

  • Deal with unethical and annoying opponents.

  • Constantly face adversity.

  • Experience many frustrating hours on the court.

  • Be pushed to your limit.

  • Lose a myriad of matches along the way; many against players that you believe you should beat.

  • Miss countless fun, social activities due to tennis commitments.

  • Practice with 100% engagement without ever knowing when or if you will reach your long-term performance goals.

However, those who accept the challenge will be hansomely rewarded with poise, self knowledge, self discipline, resiliency, health, fun, and friends for life.

Take the deal!!!!

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